St. Pauls Mar Thoma Syrian Church - Vashi

Lighted to Lighten

Senior Citizen Fellowship

A cherished dream of the Senior Citizens of St. Pauls MTC bloomed when the Senior Citizen fellowship was formed in 2001 in the name of “ELDERS FORUM” with a handful of Senior Citizens. It was a good beginning with the unity of members. Meetings are regularly held on the 1st Tuesday at the residence of the members and on 3rd Sunday at Church. Visiting the sick and old, praying for them and sharing are the main task. Senior Citizens actively participated in the 40th Friday Service and Senior Citizen Sunday. We also participate in the Parish level, Centre level and Diocesan level retreat and camp. Picnic / Tours are arranged every year. Senior Citizens who attain the age of 60 years during the year are felicitated on Parish day. The fellowship was very active. Extensive programmes are on card to bring Senior Citizens in one umbrella and serve the Almighty Lord. Our members are elected to the Centre Committee. We are the pillar of the Parish and guide the youngsters to come forward.