St. Pauls Mar Thoma Syrian Church - Vashi

Lighted to Lighten

Edavaka Mission

The aim of the Edavaka Mission is to progress the mission of the universal church; which is to accomplish the Great Commission of Christ Jesus to His disciples as laid out in Matthew 28:19-20.

The seven-pronged program of Marthoma Voluntary Evangelists Association (MTVEA) enshrines this Commandment.

They are 1. Intercession, 2. Bible Study, 3. Sharing of experience, 4. House Visit, 5. Serving the sick and the needy, 6. Conduct of prayer meetings, 7. Gospel work among people of other faiths and ideologies.

As Christians, we cannot ignore the signs of the end times. We need to girdle ourselves and be ready for every good work in season and out of season. Paul compared a Christian with a Roman soldier. Soldiers are the most disciplined amongst all professionals. They are on duty all the time and are not to lose sight of the purpose for which they are called. Though salvation is a gift from God through His Grace, the crown of eternal life must be earned through perseverance and real hard work. Jude in his letter; especially in the above quoted verses, draw our attention to the urgency of saving people entrusted to us by snatching them from the eternal hell fire. This is of utmost significance and consequence to us today. Let us be grounded on the realities and do a genuine assessment about our call and organize our affairs in alignment with the ONE WHO has called and separated each one of us for this ministry.